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CoClue β2 has been released! now.

β2 will be released soon. We are actively developing the β2 version now, based on a lot of feedback from β1.

β1 version was released in Android's open testing environment. Testing for feedback now.

CoClue Features 🌈

Self Analysis: Discover Your True Self

Unveil your true self with AI-driven analysis and personalized insights from "SelfAgent/MentorAgent Advice."

AI Chatbots: Your Personal Connections

Let your Personal "AI" connect with others through AI-powered topic chatbots, enhancing your social interactions!

Interest-Based Discovery: Follow What Matters

Explore and follow interconnected topics instead of people, finding what truly interests you.

Sustainable Well-being: Safe & Balanced

Enjoy a safe, supportive environment designed for lasting well-being and meaningful connections.


From Noise to Voice: Your Social Evolution 🌟

Current Social Media


Caught in the social media storm, where endless feeds and notifications pull you in all directions. In the chaos of constant buzz, where does your voice stand?

Future with CoClue


From External Overwhelm to Internal Focus:

Transition from being bombarded by social media to focusing inwardly, defining your social world.

From Internal Clarity to External Connection:

With CoClue, start from self-discovery and reach out, creating meaningful connections.

Connect with others through interests and emotions 🤝

Follow linked interests and emotions, not people. Discover your true self with AI analysis, and choose your own adventure! You can connect with others via AI-powered topic chatbots and share your feelings with fun!


We Want to Hear from You! 🗨

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Your opinion matters to us! Whether you're a user, someone with strong interest, or just stumbled upon us, we'd love to hear your thoughts.

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